the Mycological Twist / Riverside / Rust


Gaming session
5 days


With contributions by: Agatha Valkyrie Ice, Anna Mikkola.
Safety and prosperity was guarded by: Joey Holder, Viktor Timofeev, Gaile Pranckunaite.


The Mycological Twist / Riverside / Rust was a one week workshop in the online survival game Rust. It brought a series of events happening in an in-game art-base. The structure was open and free for all to access, in-space, in-game or via live-stream. It comprised sculptures, collectives paintings, performances and lectures. In line with the Mycological Twist thematics around networks as support for sustainability, the collaboration focused on how social and physical networks support each other. When thinking about the Mycelium as a structure that is similar to human activities, can we reciprocally consider Human networks as natural. It also reflected on Art production when in state of emergency, here with survival, but in general, with financial and ecological crisis.

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