Ballad to Detritus


Video Game


Plong… Plong… Plong… a faint drip occupies space in your ear canal. Faint, but clear enough to determine that the sound is in fact a drip. A juicy cocktail of humus and moss, maybe? Some earth sludge oozes through the cracks in the ground, a wound left after a small birch came down with a loud klabam. Look left, right, left, always be safe crossing this intersection. Roarrr! As a lighting thunder Eelie the speedy nematode comes rushing through. Always in a hurry that one. Krrkrrr, aargh, that hunger. Totally forgot to eat. Let’s find some snacks nearby. I bet the cornerstone has some lichen left. Ballad to Detritus is a game developed by the Mycological Twist where you embody a mycelial structure, expanding your network of fungal filaments as you navigate a primordial amebic space. The game is available to download for both MacOS and Windows via Gossamer Fog / Antechamber.



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