A devoured hedge burrows deep


Multidisciplinary installation
Dimensions variable


Transforming the garden of Haus Rüschhaus into a large playing field. Upon entering the festival grounds, visitors will be assigned a character. Each participant enters the garden according to their character’s interests and meets other inhabitants of this communal space. The game becomes a place of speculation. During the different phases of the game, the garden is continuously redesigned. This is reflected in an interactive map of the garden.


Performance by Sarah Giese
Storytelling by Daniel Falb
Sound by Bastian Hagedorn
Virtual Environment by Nicholas Delap
Based on programming by Xing Xiao & Xiyue Hu (In vitro team)

Droste Festival 2023 am Haus Rüschhaus, Center for Literature
Pictures by: Hanna Neander

Stills from the Virtual Environment: